Personalize your Bag

The devil is in the detail: genuine silver rosehip

Want to make your bag even more special? Do you, like Mrs. Rosehip, have a healthy aversion of the taste of the masses and do you love beautiful and subtle details? Add a genuine silver 925 rosehip, handmade. The subtle jewel for your bag. Available in limited edition. Price: € 119,95 euro.

Poetry in Bags

Mrs. Rosehip loves bags, art, theatre and poetry. To share her love for the beauty of language she invented Poetry in Bags. In the zipper-pocket of your bag you will find a poem, specially made for the Raw Beauty Collection of Mrs. Rosehip. Unique poems were written for the Rosehip Pleated Classic, the Rosehip Pleated Gladstone and the Rosehip Pleated Daily.

Mrs. Rosehip works in collaboration with (young) poets. The first poems were written by Andrea van Herk, a very talented poet from Rotterdam.

If you want a different poem, specially written for your bag, or for the special person you are giving the bag to as a gift, please contact Mrs. Rosehip by email.


Upon request your monogram can be stamped in the bag. Mrs. Rosehip uses handcrafted leather stamps to hammer your initials or name (max 10 characters) on the inside of the bag making it yours forever. At no extra charge.