The Rosehip Pleated Gladstone


        Mrs. Rosehip signature Gladstone bag comes in black, red and camel colors. The bag is handcrafted from the highest quality leather. The outside pleated, unique and highly recognizable. Soft leather inside lining with pockets and zipper. The colour of the interior is one of a kind. No second bag is the same. With adjustable leather strap.  

        The Gladstone Bag is named after William Gladstone (1809-1898) , the British Prime Minister who was known for his many travels. The bag was designed by the Englishman J. G. Beard and is seen as the icon of luxury travel in style. Mrs. Rosehip gives this classic design a contemporary, elegant and sophisticated character.

        Technical details

        • Raw Beauty Handbag
        • All leather handmade ladies bag
        • Fully pleated leather outside
        • Leather handle
        • Leather schoulder strap
        • Available in pleated black, camel and red
        • Lining in (non pleated) black, camel and red leather, other colours upon request
        • Inside with zipper pocket and pockets
        • Silvercoloured metalworks
        • Lock with key
        • Size small: 25(w) X 15(d) X 21(h) cm
        • Size large: 32(w) X 16(d) X 23(h) cm
        • With poem ‘Poetry in Bags’
        • Personal monogram entered as an option
        • Silver rosehip jewel added as an option