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The Rosehip Pleated Gladstone


The Gladstone Bag is named after William Gladstone (1809-1898) , the British Prime Minister who was known for his many travels. The bag was designed by the Englishman J. G. Beard and is seen as the icon of luxury travel in style. Mrs. Rosehip gives this classic design a contemporary, elegant and sophisticated character.

The Rosehip Pleated Classic


The Rosehip Classic is large, suitable for notebooks and A4-folders. The bag closes at the top with a leather strap. An elegant and cheeky bag for all occasions. The soft exclusive leather is extremely comfortable to wear cross body. Wear it on a bike, take it to work. The Rosehip Classic is the ultimate all-rounder.

The Rosehip Pleated Daily


With the Rosehip Daily the contents of a bag can be changed in a jiffy. You can never miss. The Rosehip Daily keeps everyone’s personal favorite bag contents at their fingertips! The Rosehip Daily XXL can be used as a clutch. It fits your Ipad.