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The Rosehip Pleated Doctors Bag


Mrs. Rosehip gives this classic design of a doctors bag a contemporary, elegant and sophisticated character.

The Rosehip Pleated Classic


The Rosehip Classic is large, suitable for notebooks and A4-folders. The bag closes at the top with a leather strap. An elegant and cheeky bag for all occasions. The soft exclusive leather is extremely comfortable to wear cross body. Wear it on a bike, take it to work. The Rosehip Classic is the ultimate all-rounder.

The Rosehip Pleated Daily


With the Rosehip Daily the contents of a bag can be changed in a jiffy. You can never miss. The Rosehip Daily keeps everyone’s personal favorite bag contents at their fingertips! The Rosehip Daily XXL can be used as a clutch. It fits your Ipad.