Mrs. Rosehip @ Masterly The Hague | sept. 2018 | pics of the show |Princess Margarita wearing a Mrs. Rosehip



Princess Margarita de Bourbon de Parme with a Mrs. Rosehip candy: the Triangle Medium Yellow. just before the photoshoot! Work by her, she is a jewel designer, is shown in the same room as the bags by Mrs. Rosehip. Come and visit us at Masterly The Hague.




New model bag: Who took your pearls, Anna?

A bag based on the life of Anna Paulowna, who was married to King Willem II. It was a stormy marriage and once her jewels were stolen, she accused her husband! So I asked artist Kai Kuper to design the lining of this new model. Kai Kuper is well known for drawing pearls. We made a lining in silk, with a lovely and awesome pattern of pearls. So, if Anna would accuse her husband again, we’ll tell her: ”Look in your bag Anna, your pearls are there!!”

more information about the artist:

more information about the jewels of the Princess: http://www.deparmedesign.com

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